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Scott Walker joins lawsuit over Obama immigration plan; sidesteps right-to-work question

Gov. Scott Walker suggested to attendees at the CPAC conference in Washington, D.C., that his experience dealing with thousands of protesters in the
state Capitol has prepared him to lead the fight against terrorist groups like ISIS. “If I can take on 100,000 protesters I can do the same across the world,” Walker said. Asked what his plan would be to deal with the threat from ISIS, Walker said he receives threat assessments from the FBI and was concerned not only about attacks abroad, but in the U.S. as well.

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Looking for the animal on Sunday in Milwaukee as the citywide search intensified. A grainy cellphone video has given the animal a Bigfoot-like celebrity
New York Times

A Creature on the Loose Puts Milwaukee Residents on Edge

This story about a possible lion roaming loose in Milwaukee was the second-most viewed and second-most shared story on the National News page of the New York Times website that day. The story drew almost 2,000 “likes,” over 800 “shares” and hundreds of comments after being posted on the NY Times Facebook page. — One man saw the creature for only a few bone-chilling seconds, but he remembers that it was big, with heavy brown fur and a long tail, and not in any particular hurry as it walked through his neighborhood in Milwaukee and then disappeared into a thickly wooded ravine.

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Walker Exits from a Windowless Room

I captured the mood and the scene for the NY Times’ First Draft political newsletter, and contrasted Walker’s lonely, drab exit to the colorful fanfare when he announced his run in July, an event I had also covered. For Mr. Walker, who is fond of joking that “Madison is 68 square miles surrounded by reality”
– a rendering of a quote first used by former Gov. Lee S. Dreyfus, the scene on Monday afternoon in the state’s capital must have seemed surreal. As dozens of teachers and other public employee union members with whom Mr. Walker has often clashed cheered in the bright sunshine outside the Edgewater Hotel.

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Scott Walker Drops Out

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin withdrew from the 2016 Republican presidential race on Monday, citing a need to “clear the field” for a “positive conservative message.” Updated, 9:59 p.m. | Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, whose early glow as a Republican presidential contender was snuffed out with the rise of anti-establishment rivals, announced Monday that he was quitting the race and urged some of his 15 rivals to do the same so the party could unite against the leading candidate, Donald J. Trump.

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Dressed as the presidential candidates, Spencer Dumford, left, and Dan Shultz gestured to passing cars and people in the parking lot of a polling place in Manchester, N.H.
New York Times

Rage and Suspicion Reign as Americans, Painfully Split, Cast Their Votes.

Outside a polling place in the suburbs of Detroit, a shouting match between two women escalated into a parking-lot scuffle, ending with one of them
shoved to the pavement. At a community center in southern Florida, a middle-aged woman handing out Republican pamphlets reached frantically for her pepper spray as a man supporting Hillary Clinton charged at her.

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Calendar Volley

After years of lobbying, Wisconsin’s tourism industry is likely to succeed in its efforts to start the school year later in the summer – on Sept. 1 or after.
Local school district officials are scrambling to deal with the change. Tourism industry leaders say the September school year start will both extend Wisconsin’s summer vacation season and also help relieve the industry’s labor shortages because local students will be available for another week or so in tourist areas.

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BizTimes/Business Journal

Let me take you on a (safe) sea cruise

Jon Belmont, morning news anchor at WTMJ-AM radio, hesitated to make an announcement, shortly after Sept. 11, that he planned to take a Caribbean cruise in January as part of a promotion aimed at the station’s listeners. “As a newsman, I was a bit uncomfortable,” said Belmont, a former ABC radio network news correspondent who worked in New York for 19 years.

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BizTimes/Business Journal

Reeling Cart & Case makes moving easier for businesses

When a business decides to move its operations to a different location, it can be exciting. But it also entails a very practical, logistical reality: how to physically move desks, cubicle panels, files and other equipment from one place to another. A simple hand truck or dolly won’t do. And that’s where Reeling Cart & Case, a small, family-owned business in Pewaukee, steps in. It makes heavyduty moving carts for sale or rent to commercial moving firms

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BizTimes/Business Journal

Blue skies for Amalga Composites

Amalga Composites’ custom-engineered products are cruising the sky above Afghanistan in unmanned drones, gliding through the ocean as part of underwater testing equipment and slicing through the air as the sleek white blades of wind turbines. It wasn’t always that way for the West Allis engineering and manufacturing firm. The company has come a long way since its founding in 1966, during the post-World War II era when new uses were being sought for the materials developed in the aircraft industry.

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