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Ronald Faust, a supporter of President Trump, standing by the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. Kay Nolan for Insider
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A massive pro-Trump protest was expected. The Humvees waited, and rolled away at 5 sharp.

MADISON, Wis. — In Wisconsin, where freezing temperatures or clouds have never deterred noisy political protests, and where rallies that have attracted thousands of people have been occurring with increasing frequency, Sunday’s expected pro-Trump rally was all but a no-show.

Police vehicles and military Humvees were stationed all day at the entrances of the Capitol, a massive dome with four stately wings.

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Trump endorses Ryan in House race, McCain and Ayotte in Senate contests

I covered an appearance in Milwaukee by Democratic vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine, for the Washington Post, shortly after Wisconsin’s new voter ID laws were struck down in court. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump made an appearance in Green Bay, Wis., the same day, so the Post combined the stories, with Trump’s endorsement of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan as the lead news, but I nabbed the quotes in which Kaine not so subtly blasted Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

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