Scott Walker Political Controversy

Scott Walker, Mary Burke debate jobs, Milwaukee issues

Dem Mary Burke Friday slammed Gov. Scott Walker for what she said was a lagging economy, knocking his claim the state does not have a jobs problem.
In their second and final debate, Walker countered by seeking to tie Burke to his predecessor, Jim Doyle. Walker said several times through the course of the hour-long exchange that his Dem rival had previously said she completely supported Doyle’s policies, which he said led to a fiscal mess in Wisconsin that he cleaned up after taking office.

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Scott Walker OK with sending donors to secret fund. John Doe documents show mining firm gave him $700K.

Gov. Scott Walker Saturday defended his actions directing campaign contributions to the Wisconsin Club for Growth, saying “there isn’t
anything wrong” with doing so. Details on Walker’s fundraising on behalf of the 501(c)(4) were included in a batch of documents briefly released late Friday as part of an ongoing suit over a John Doe investigation into allegations that Walker coordinated with conservative groups in the recall elections.

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Martin O’Malley not waiting on Hillary; blasts Scott Walker

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley touted Mary Burke’s candidacy for Wisconsin’s chief executive, but largely directed his remarks at Gov. Scott Walker, calling
him “a devoted follower of trickle-down economics if ever there was one.” O’Malley, who spoke Saturday evening in Milwaukee at the Democratic Party of
Wisconsin’s 2014 Founder’s Day Gala, said, “Prosperity doesn’t trickle down from the top and it never has.

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Walker’s campaign event offers differing opinions on guv’s cooperation pledge

When Gov. Scott Walker made his victory speech Tuesday night, he mentioned his desire to move forward and put the rancorous election behind him.
“I’m committed to it whether you voted for me or not,” said Walker, suggesting meetings with Dems over beers and brats. Some Walker supporters at his victory party agreed that Walker should try to heal the rift. But many others — along with some GOP politicians who were present — defiantly rejected the idea of reaching out to the other side.

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Scott Walker Political Controversy

Barrett primes supporters for ‘biggest day in Wisconsin history’

An animated Tom Barrett, wearing a blue shirt with his sleeves rolled up, told his supporters that “the biggest day in Wisconsin history” is tomorrow.
“We saw the largest grass-roots movement that has ever been part of Wisconsin,” Barrett said to wildly cheering volunteers at a campaign office on Milwaukee’s near south side.

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Walker rallies supporters, says suggestion he’s target of John Doe probe ‘100 percent wrong’

Gov. Scott Walker rallied supporters Saturday, telling them every voter contact will make a difference come Election Day, and said any suggestion he’s become a target of the John Doe probe are “100 percent wrong.” After several stops across the state Saturday, Walker hit a campaign office in Wauwatosa. He told reporters he has not heard anything further from the Milwaukee County DA’s office about the John Doe probe that has ensnared his former aides from his days at Milwaukee County executive. He brushed off a report from Current TV’s David Shuster that the guv has been told he’s a target of the probe as “spin from those on the left.”

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Barrett, Walker fight over John Doe, crime and jobs in final debate

With a historic recall election only days away, underdog Tom Barrett accused Scott Walker of using “Willie Horton stuff” while the Republican governor fended off Barrett’s charges he couldn’t be trusted. “My integrity has always been high,” Walker said at the final of two debates before Tuesday’s recall election. The statewide televised debate was co-sponsored by

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