Ronald Faust, a supporter of President Trump, standing by the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. Kay Nolan for Insider
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A massive pro-Trump protest was expected. The Humvees waited, and rolled away at 5 sharp.

MADISON, Wis. — In Wisconsin, where freezing temperatures or clouds have never deterred noisy political protests, and where rallies that have attracted thousands of people have been occurring with increasing frequency, Sunday’s expected pro-Trump rally was all but a no-show.

Police vehicles and military Humvees were stationed all day at the entrances of the Capitol, a massive dome with four stately wings.

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Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin in time of Covid 19 Winter 2021
New York Times

Pharmacist Accused of Tampering With Vaccine Was Conspiracy Theorist, Police Say

The police say a Wisconsin pharmacist believed the Moderna vaccine would harm people and tried to sabotage the effort to vaccinate frontline workers. A pharmacist who was arrested on charges that he intentionally sabotaged more than 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine at a Wisconsin hospital was “an admitted conspiracy theorist” who believed the vaccine could harm people and “change their DNA,” according to the police in Grafton, Wis., where the man was employed.

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New York Times

Wisconsin: Trump’s approach to China stings a G.O.P county known for ginseng.

WAUSAU, Wis. — In China, ginseng is a popular gift prized for its healing powers, and surprisingly enough, Wisconsin-grown ginseng is considered the world’s best. In 2016,

590,000 pounds of the root, claimed to boost immunity and ease the effects of chemotherapy, was exported from the United States, most of it to China — with 98 percent coming from here in Marathon County.

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